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New Moroccan Publications at ABC

A special selection of recent titles from two new publishers at the African Books Collective: Editions du Sirocco and Senso Unico Editions. Both are from Morocco and mostly publish illustrated books on the Art and the History of Morocco and the Mediterranean but some literature is also available. Many of the books are high quality hardbacks in colour and the photography collections are of particular note. Downloadable spreads are available on the ABC site for a look inside which is highly recommended.

Included among the titles are:

Elisa Chimenti, Anthologie

“Her works can be compared to brilliantly polished stones… she is without question one of the greatest figures in Moroccan folklore literature.” On the fortieth anniversary of her death, Elisa Chimenti’s works are gathered together for the first time and reissued in this Anthology, which pays homage to the moving humanism of this “donna mediterranea”.

Yasmina Filali, les passagers de l’oubli:

“In a sad, rainy day, a young woman accepts a dinner invitation reluctantly. Nothing makes her expect that her destiny is taking shape…”

“Yasmina Filali’s talent and great sensibility bind us to the story of an intense life flash and make us share it. Her words, filled with poetry, are thousands of mirrors reflecting emotions that mark our memory like scars.”

“Rabat is a city which aims for modernity but refuses to be subjected to it. The secrecy of its stones and back- alleys preserve the city history and traditions. … mainly a photographic book, words are nonetheless important: images and words have a mutual power of elation when the eyes of the photographer and the author meet. ”

“Toni Maraini recounts her life in Morocco, her reflections on the country traditions and her meetings with the most remarkable Moroccan artists and intellectuals between 1960 and 1980. This major work pays beautiful and insightful tribute to the country, written in a brilliant and poetic way.”  Toni Maraini (Antonella Maraini), is an art historian, a writer and a poet.

To see full listings click here: Moroccan_Titles



West Indies Fiction: a bibliography

West Indies Poetry: a bibliography

Both are now available as free downloads from:


These bibliographies have been compiled by George Parfitt who was born in Trinidad but has lived in England since 1954 and was educated at the University of Bristol. He spent most of his working life as Lecturer and, later, Reader in English Literature at the University of Nottingham. He is a published poet and has also published on seventeenth-century literature and on First World War poetry and fiction. He says of these West Indian Bibliographies…

“The volume of creative writing in English by Caribbean authors has greatly increased in recent decades, but I realised several years ago that no adequate bibliographies existed for fiction, poetry or drama. Useful bibliographies do exist but mainly for separate units of the Caribbean and some are highly selective. I am trying to improve the situation with separate bibliographies for the three genres mentioned (up to 2005)., each organised by author while arranging the material so that searches by, for example, date or territory can be done easily. The fiction bibliography is the most advanced – with around 900 entries – while there is more work to be done for poetry – which also has around 900 entries to date – while the drama bibliography is the least developed currently.

“I hope that these documents, which are still being updated, will help to make the scope, variety and quality of Caribbean writing in English more widely known.”

These bibliographies are accessible individually as follows:

West Indies Fiction: a bibliography in progress
A bibliography of fiction in English by West Indian writers, from the earliest works to 2005. More than 850 individual titles are listed, along with authors’ names, birthplace and publication details.


West Indies Poetry: a bibliography in progress
A bibliography of poetry in English by West Indian writers to 2005. More than 950 titles currently listed.