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New Publication: Mapping Latin America: A Cartographic Reader

Edited by Jordana Dym and Karl Offen
University of Chicago Press

From announcing the conquest of an Aztec empire to challenging the decision to put North America and Europe at the top of the world, maps and mapmakers have contributed to the creation of Latin America. In Mapping Latin America, leading scholars from several disciplines interpret over one hundred full-color maps made from within or representing the Americas since 1492. This unprecedented and engaging volume highlights maps and mapmaking traditions by a variety of mapmakers‹from the hand-drawn maps of Native Americans, to those by colonial scribes and European cosmographers, to those by theodolite-wielding surveyors. By demonstrating the many ways maps present and communicate information, and by explaining how and why maps are made, how people have read, interpreted and used them, and how map silences often speak volumes, this inclusive collection promotes a cartographic literacy and inspires a long-lasting curiosity about how maps work, what it all means for Latin Americans today, and why we should care.

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