Timed Out: Art and the transnational Caribbean

Timed out: Art and the Transnational Caribbean (Rethinking Art’s Histories) is a new book (Manchester University Press, 2011) by Leon Wainwright.

‘Timed out’ is a pioneering study of modern and contemporary art in the aftermath of empire. It addresses the current ‘global turn’ in the study of art by way of the transnational Caribbean, offering an in-depth account of the Atlantic world in relation to the mainstream history of art. It looks at why art of the Anglophone Caribbean and its diaspora have been placed not only ‘outside’ but ‘behind’ the dominant art canons, and how the politics of space and time can be used to rethink the global geography of art.

‘Timed out’ will appeal to all those working in the field of modern and contemporary art and world art history, transnationalism and the geography of global visual culture. To read more click here…

Leon Wainwright is Lecturer in Art History at the Open University. Click here to find out more about the author and selected earlier publications.


3 responses to “Timed Out: Art and the transnational Caribbean

  1. I am trying to go through your website on my blackberry, but its not performing for some reason. Can you let me and other viewers know what we need to do to understand it by means of this kind of device.

    • Can you give me somemore details about the problems you are having so I can try and find out how to solve it. The site works fine in mobile and full site mode on my iphone but I’m afraid I don’t have a blackberry to test it out on…

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