ONLINE VIDEO: One Tribe, One Style?: A Text with an Agenda!

Christopher D. Roy, Professor of Art History, at the University of Iowa has added new videos to his Youtube channel: CDROYburkina.

Professor Roy has put together a short presentation on YouTube that describes the art of the Mossi peoples of Burkina Faso, and says of these resources:

“The intention is to help students and teachers who are interested in the great diversity of Mossi mask styles. Anyone who has read any of my publications since 1976 knows that the idea of one tribe one style certainly does not apply to the Mossi: thus the title “One Tribe One Style: A Text With an Agenda”.

“The Mossi are made up of several peoples, all of whom were conquered in 1500 A.D. by invading horsemen from the south. This resulted in a variety of styles, based on the locations of each of those conquered peoples.   In addition the Mossi create political art in the form of figures and spiritual art in the form of masks. The result is a great diversity of object types and styles.

“You can find my YouTube channel at: look for “One Tribe One Style: A Text With an Agenda”. Of course the YouTube presentation includes numerous slides and videos of objects in each of the styles being used in village context.

“I think it would be very interesting if more scholars of African art put some material  on their own areas of expertise on YouTube to make it available for us to use in our classes. YouTube makes it possible not only to use narration–that is text– but also to use video, and slides.”

Please leave any comments or questions and these can be passed onto Professor Roy.


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