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Battersea’s First Black Mayor: John Archer

New! John Archer profile at the Black Atlantic Resource. This profile details the life and political career of John Archer one of Britain’s earliest black mayors.

John Richard Archer (1863-1932) born and raised in Liverpool, was elected Mayor of Battersea in 1913. A self-styled ‘race man’ John was elected as a representative to the first Pan-African Conference at Westminster in July 1900. Also a life-long socialist, John travelled at least three times around the world in his youth, living for a while in the West Indies and North America.

When John was nominated for Progressive candidate for Mayor in Battersea in November, 1913. the black vote was very small indeed. The newspapers made something of a fuss, as the first Catholic mayor T. P. Brogan, had been John Archer’s mentor prior to his election. When John was elected on 10 November, the Black American activist, W. E. B. Dubois, wrote in his journal, the Crisis, that he “…fears no man, and brooks no insult because of the race to which he is proud to belong.”

This profile has been contributed to the Black Atlantic Resource by historian Dr. Ray Costello from his publication Liverpool Black Pioneers to find out more about this publication click here.

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